Jesus Still Loves Everyone

What is the Jesus Loves Everyone Project?

Mosaic is expanding the message of Jesus' love to our children, our community, our neighbors and the region!

Earlier this year, we began raising funds to finish construction on the new Mosaic Kids & Mosaic Youth building, to install a tent on the rooftop deck, to transform a building across the street into a neighborhood coffee shop and to plant a church in West Seattle!

Unfortunately, we experienced a significant setback in this project in the summer of 2023. A portion of the funds that had been generously given to this project were stolen through a sophisticated cyber attack.

Our commitment to accountability and responsible stewardship of your donations is unwavering. We are continuing to pursue recovering the stolen funds, and in order to push back against the enemy’s plan to stop The Jesus Loves Everyone Project, we have launched a fundraising campaign with the goal of re-raising the stolen funds.

Re-raising the stolen funds = $466,723.51

Finish construction on Mosaic Kids & Youth Building: $345,000
Jesus loves the next generation

This goal of $345,000 will fully finish construction on the Mosaic Kids & Mosaic Youth building, including a lit sport court, sound and lighting in the Kids and Youth space and new windows facing Aurora and 78th.

Construction is about 75% completed!

Scroll through the incredible design concept photos below!

Parking Lot Design Concept

Mosaic Kids Design Concept

Mosaic Youth Design Concept

Mosaic Kids Design Concept

Mosaic Youth Design Concept

Mosaic Kids Design Concept

Mosaic Youth Design Concept

Install tent on rooftop deck: $90,000
Jesus loves our community

The goal of $90,000 includes fire pits and furniture for the rooftop deck and increases our year-round usable space by 3,000 square feet! We are currently working with an architect to find the perfect covering for our outdoor space.

Transform a building into a neighborhood coffee shop: $280,000
Jesus loves our neighborhood

We purchased the space next door to our Mosaic Kids and Youth building! We are now beginning to work with an architect to transform the building into a coffee shop. This will expand Jesus' love into our neighborhood.

Plant a church in West Seattle: $250,000
Jesus loves West Seattle

We are preparing to plant the fourth Mosaic church in West Seattle! This fund of $250,000 will help get us started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to expand some F.A.Q.s about this project:

What is the Mosaic Kids and Youth building money going towards?

The goal of $345,000 that we are raising towards finishing the Mosaic Kids and Youth building includes:

  • Leveling the parking lot and creating a sports court with lights, pickle ball nets and basketball hoop
  • Installing a gated fence around the parking lot
  • Adding sound and lighting equipment in the downstairs Mosaic Youth space and in the Kids playroom on the main floor
  • Replacing the windows facing Aurora and 78th with new windows that do not allow sound to travel in from the sidewalk
When is The Jesus Loves Everyone Project happening?

The Mosaic Kids and Youth building is currently under construction and is estimated to be about 75% complete.

We would purchase and install the semi-permanent rooftop tent as soon as the fundraising goal is met for the tent and the permit is approved.

The renovation of the coffee shop space would be a longer process. It will likely be more like a year until a coffee shop is able to operate in that space.

We are approximately two years out from planting a church in West Seattle.

Is Mosaic trying to buy all of Aurora?

Absolutely not! We are wanting to trust and follow God’s leadership and direction for us as a church. There have been other spaces surrounding Mosaic that our church leadership team has prayerfully considered and felt God make it clear that He was not leading us to purchase.

However, after much prayer, we believe God is leading us towards these next steps!

We love that God has planted Mosaic at the corner of 77th and Aurora. Because God has called us here, we want to be a part of investing in and revitalizing Aurora for the glory of God.

Believe it or not, there is just one more building in the area that we believe God may lead us to purchase. If you know, you know.

Why did we buy the commercial space and house across the street?

The commercial space and house that are across the street from the church share the alleyway from the new Mosaic Kids and Youth building. By purchasing and renovating this new space, we have the ability to ensure a safe, kid-friendly environment neighboring the home of Mosaic Kids and Mosaic Youth.

Additionally, we want to be a part of investing in and revitalizing Aurora for the glory of God. We believe a coffee shop is going to add to the neighborhood and allow us to share the love of Jesus with the Aurora area in a unique way.

The house allows us to have the potential space for missionaries preparing to go overseas, missionaries visiting from overseas, housing for Mosaic interns and more!

Who is going to operate the coffee shop?

There is not a clear answer yet. However, there are a few coffee shops in the area that are owned by people who love Jesus and are interested in the space.

The coffee shop that occupies the space will be responsible for financing the build-out of the interior.

Why are we church planting in West Seattle?

Since the beginning, Mosaic has been a local church that plants local churches. We planted Mosaic North in 2014 and Mosaic Eastside in 2021. Additionally, we will be sending people out to our seventh nation to church plant globally this fall. We have been prayerfully considering where God was highlighting for the next church plant to be.

Currently, there is a community of people who travel from West Seattle to Mosaic for church and community each Sunday. Our hope is to catalyze this community and others within the Mosaic Family to be a part of pioneering a Mosaic church in West Seattle for the love of Jesus to impact that area.

Where do you think God will call us to church plant next?

Why is Mosaic always fundraising?

The kingdom of God is ever-expanding! We never want to stop being a part of God’s kingdom expanding, people coming to know Him and lives being transformed by the love of Jesus.

Each project, fundraising campaign, etc. is always submitted to Jesus and His leadership of our church.

God has given us this vision, and we trust that He is faithful to complete it. And, after The Jesus Loves Everyone Project, we will be excited to see what kingdom expanding project He has for us next!

The Jesus Loves Everyone Project

Will you pray and ask God what your part will be in this project?

Because God has loved us, we are called to love God, love people and change the world.