Mosaic Training School 101

October 4 - December 6  |  Mosaic Community Church

7616 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, USA

Mosaic Training School 101 (or MTS 101, for short!)

  • What is it? MTS 101 is a 3-month class that meets one night per week. During the night class, you will encounter God and grow in your personal identity through teachings and discipleship.
  • Who is it for? This training school is perfect for anyone who wants to grow in God and works full-time or is a parent.
  • Where is it? MTS 101 is in Seattle.
  • When is it? Oct. 4 through Dec. 6 from 6:30 – 9:30
  • Is there a cost? Yes. The tuition is $300.
  • Is there more after 101? Yes! MTS 101 through MTS 401 is the full, Mosaic Training School experience that you can customize to best fit your season of life. You can choose if/when you want to move on to the next class (i.e. 201, 301 and 401).

Do you have questions about Mosaic Training Schools? Watch this Q&A video that will help answer some of your questions.

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