Andrew Bach   -  

Dear Mosaic Family,

Every week I hear stories of God transforming people’s lives through Mosaic.
What a joy!  I thank God for each one of you, and for the privilege to be a part of what God is doing in and through our church.

As we are in the final stages of this building project, I’m reminded that we’ll remember this season forever.  Believing God for miracles on a regular basis, praying together in hard hats, watching the transformation of a building that is making a way for the transformation of people…. What an amazing journey we get to be on together! I wanted to be sure you knew about a next step in the journey we are taking this week.

Thursday, July 19 is a church-wide fast day!

We are believing together for breakthrough with our new building. Please join us! A church-wide fast day is when every person in our church fasts from food or something else in their life on that day.  In short, fasting means denying what your physical body needs to pursue what your inner spirit is craving.  Would you join us this Thursday? Whether it’s all food, some food, or something else, join us for the church-wide fast day!

Believing for breakthrough with our new building means we are asking God for

  1. Finances for the building
  2. Favor with Seattle
  3. Fervor as a church for this project.

More specifically, the breakthroughs we need are:

  • $180,000 by August 1st to continue construction on schedule.  (Finances)
  • Passing all the upcoming inspections (Favor)
  • Everyone in our church to catch God’s passion and vision for this project (Fervor)

HERE you will find some more info about fasting and practical help for your fast this Thursday.

Carrie and I love you all so much and we look forward to all that God will do through our simple obedience to Jesus.

With Love,
Andrew Bach