Andrew Bach   -  

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”  (Mark 10:27 ESV) What’s impossible in your life right now? I believe that God loves to lead us into impossible situations because He knows that when we get to our wit’s end we more readily cry out for His help. And whenever we truly cry out for God’s help, we grow closer to God.

I’ve experienced this time and again through all sorts of impossibilities – family challenges, health crises, financial barriers, and of course running after various missions within Mosaic.  No matter how each situation turned out, desperately seeking God in impossible situations has always helped me grow closer to God. Over the years, impossibility has been like a highway from my heart to God’s heart.  Usually, it’s the quickest route! I believe that impossible situations exist to accelerate our intimacy with God.

So, what’s impossible in your life right now? Reflecting on past impossibilities inspires me to believe God for the ones to come. For Mosaic, these next few months are a unique opportunity to meet with the God of the impossible together.  Here’s how:

We are pushing to be in our new building by the end of 2018.

Before we think about why that’s impossible, let’s remember how much we have already experienced God’s abundant faithfulness in this building project:

  • God provided the opportunity to purchase a building in Seattle
  • $1.7 million was raised to make that purchase and to begin construction
  • All the necessary permits were awarded for the building’s change of use and renovation
  • God gave us a free venue to meet in on Sundays until our building is ready for move-in (Click here to hear the full story.)

And yet, this building project still feels impossible.  Here’s why:

  • $500k is still needed before we can move in
  • Construction needs to happen smoothly with no additional time delays
  • Many volunteers will need to serve in myriad ways for everything to come together

To us, this may seem impossible. I believe God loves how impossible it seems, because impossibility leads us closer to Him. Over these next 6 months, let’s band together and believe for this building. I’m confident that no matter what happens, in the end, we will joyfully look back on New Years Eve. We will celebrate how this impossible situation accelerated our intimacy with God,  and we’ll get to do that, together.

Love you all,
Andrew Bach