Vision For The New Year

2021 is around the corner, and we are taking time to seek God and get His vision for the new year. Join our family as we meditate on the 2021 vision He is calling each of us to!

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What's Your Next Step?

Each of us has a unique story - our childhoods, personalities, talents, mistakes, regrets and dreams are all different. But there is one thing that unites us. We all start at the same exact place: we are dead in our sin before Jesus saves us.

At Mosaic we believe that Jesus' death on the cross saves us from eternal death. This faith is not purely head knowledge or a certain set of beliefs that we live by. We believe that faith is a journey and each one of us has a "next step."

To keep it simple (and hopefully memorable) we broke them down into five "D's":

Decided • Dunked • Delivered • Discipled • Deployed

Join us on this journey and find your next step.

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